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Mathew Waters Casting

Best Casting in a TVC Winner 2022 (more)

With more than 20-years in the business, I have always believed that courtesy and professionalism are key, I totally believe there is such a thing as “friends in business”, after all, who wants to work with someone they don’t like?

Courtesy, respect and professionalism are more than just catchphrases, they are fundamental to my business. My career in casting began back in 2011 in the UK. Initially as a freelance Casting Assistant work on several Commercials, then a Casting Assistant and Casting Associate on a number of Television shows and Feature Films including a tenure at the BBC working on Casualty amongst other things.

Since returning to Australia I have have cast more than 200 commercials and several feature films and am always willing to work with upcoming talent in all areas including Short Films, Musical Theatre and Music Videos.


is a proud member of

The Casting Guild of Australia

Leading The Way In Professional Casting With A Personal Touch


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  • Kia
  • NCS Australia
  • Lenovo – Think Anything
  • Vicks
  • Breville

2022 & earlier

  • Cancer Council
  • Cadbury – 150 years celebration
  • SBS We All Speak
  • “Best Casting in a TVC” Winner 2022 CGA
  • Aeroguard
  • Amazon – Make Someone Smile
  • Tyro – Need Help With Business Decisions?
  • Virgin Australia
  • Flo Products
  • Engineers Australia
  • Bluebet
  • SBS – Award Winning – We All Speak (Football)
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Services I Offer

Commercial, Film, Televison & more

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I have worked on hundreds of commercials for all major brands worldwide and have a extensive knowledge of both actors and commercial talent

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With 20-years experience in TV both in front of and behind the camera, I have established a strong reputation for putting actors at ease to ensure I always get the best performance. Television includes: Casualty (BBC), Dani’s Castle, the 4’Oclock Club and more.

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Feature Films

I have been a sole Casting Director and casting Associate on a number of Feature Films. 2019 will see the release of my first solo project ‘Christmas Down Under’ starring John Jarratt

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Musical Theatre

My career began in Musical Theatre at age 9, since then I have worked on numerous projects including the development of three new musicals in London. I have a multitude of contacts in Sydney and the UK and have access to a wealth of talent including creatives.

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Stage / Theatre

I have experience in contemporary and immersive theatre dating back to 2012 and was part of the development team on the world premiere of ‘Goosebumps’ in London.

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Stills Photography

I have cast a number of stills campaigns for several leading brands that have run in conjunction with TV campaigns.

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Please Use The Contact Form or call Mathew on 0458 220 082